YourTripToSpain is an inbound travel agency in Spain. 

With more than 10 years’ experience in the tourism industry, we offer high quality and exclusive service for foreign tourists. 

We offer all type of tailor­made tours so that our customers may choose exactly the tour which best suits their needs, covering all unusual destinations and options which are not included in the tours currently marketed by other tour operators. 

Our theme tours also stand out as one of our distinguishing features, since they let our customers choose specialized and top­quality tours according to their tastes and interests. 

The cultural, gastronomic, sports, natural scenery and leisure offerings in Spain are vast, varied and highly attractive. Therefore, it is our priority to offer them to our customers in order to give them the chance to enjoy an unforgettable stay, by optimizing their time and budget, as well as by offering them top­quality services: private tours, personal shopper, performance tickets, soccer or any other sport matches, events organization for companies or individuals, tours for big and small groups, any language interpreting or guiding service, possibility to combine destinations and themes… 

These are just some of the services that we offer and that distinguish us from other travel services.

Feel a different land, enjoy a unique travel experience

Ana Calvera

Passionate for travelling, through YourTripToSpain, I’ve managed to make of travelling my daily life. Travelling daily life understood not by being on the move every day, but by being able to advise others about the best of Spain and making them have an unforgettable experience in my country. 
Having lived in and travelled to many countries and having got to know many different cultures have provided me with the expertise and a clear understanding of how a perfect trip should be and what others should expect from a trip to my country. Through YourTripToSpain, I can combine this knowledge of travelling expectations together with a deep knowledge of my country in order to provide our customers with the best travelling experience and, in the end, to make them satisfied and happy…which is what everybody expects when booking a holiday.

Patricia Marqués

My passion for travel, made me make the decision to obtain my degree in tourism and hotel management, to later become an expert travel agent in Spain. 
After traveling to different countries and having the opportunity to live in the United States and Ireland while developing my professional career, I decided to return to Spain to undertake a new and exciting challenge in the world of receptive tourism. I joined my experience, my passion for my work, my willingness to show others the best of my country and I joined the YourTripToSpain project, turning my passion into my profession. 
Traveling is my biggest passion, and my goal it is to customize unforgettable trips.